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To renovate or not to renovate


Imagine with me the following scenario. You’ve lived in your home for ten or more years and when you bought the property it was new, modern, and state-of-the-art. Over the years you’ve kept your home in great condition by making sure to address maintenance issues right away and diligently performing all the upkeep necessary to maintain a pristine property.

Now, life has taken you in a new direction and it’s time to sell a home you have a lot of pride in. The question is whether or not to update first before selling? If updating, how much updating is needed and if selling as is, what will the asking price need to be to account for the fact that the property has been gently used? Every situation is different and it takes an expert to answer these questions effectively.

My expertise lies in educating my clients on how to prep a home for sale by focusing financial investment in the areas that will harness the potential for the most return. Whether it’s to sell a Craftsman home in Pasadena or to sell a French Contemporary home in San Marino, I have the vision and experience to show you how to prepare a home for sale that maximizes profits as well as the team to execute the plan put forth in our consultation. Call me today for an in-home consultation.