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Our Costa Rican Holiday Adventure

Tim Durkovic sitting on car hood in Costa Rica sunset

Over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, my partner, Mark, and I took a much-needed vacation to Costa Rica. We had an amazing time exploring this beautiful country and we can’t wait to go back again soon.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

Beyond the hassles of international travel these days, the trip went very well. This was actually more than just a vacation. We were looking to purchase some property in Costa Rica, so we were able to enjoy some sights and activities while also looking at different pieces of land. Our plan is to build a second home here. The picture of me on top of a car was taken at sunset on New Year’s Eve—on our amazing new property that we were able to buy. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of these sunsets!

Our Favorite Resort

We stayed in a few different hotels, but our favorite by far was called KURA. This beachfront resort was designed by Martin Wells and Alejandra Umaña, who are an architect and biologist respectively. They brought this unique architectural concept to Costa Rica that they call “Tropical Minimalism.” It’s a seamless blend of luxury, creativity and nature. Being that my partner, Mark, is a designer himself and owner of Mark Liddell Design, it was the perfect place to spend some quality time and gain some architectural inspiration.

Outdoor Adventures

We spent plenty of time exploring the local landscape and enjoying a variety of activities, including a horseback ride along the beach at Playa Hermosa. Our favorite thing we did all trip, though, was ziplining. We experienced the Osa Canopy Tour, which had us ziplining over the jungles, mountains and valleys. Of course, the views from above were incredible and going down the ziplines was thrilling.

Sunsets and Star Fruit

Sunset was our favorite time of day in Costa Rica. We always took a moment to relax and enjoy our surroundings each evening as the sun went down over this spectacular landscape. We also enjoyed some great local cuisine and looked for any excuse to snack on some delicious star fruit. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it—though nothing can quite compare to fresh star fruit from this region!

Now that we own land here, we will definitely be coming back to Costa Rica as often as we can as we start building our second home. We’re very excited that we will also be working with Martin Wells to design the house. Between his architectural brilliance, Mark’s design creativity and my real estate knowledge, we should be able to create something truly special here!

Thank you for checking out my Costa Rican holiday adventure. Be sure to scroll through the photo gallery below for some great pics!