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Are you ready to start your kitchen renovation journey? Designing a luxury kitchen is a detailed process with wide ranging considerations. It is important that the process of selecting kitchen design details is exciting and full of inspiration. Therefore, when choosing all of your luxury fittings, fixtures, appliances, finishes and cabinetry, be sure to take your time to imagine the space and how you and your family will be using it every day.

Here are some ideas to inspire you to design your dream kitchen:


Cabinets take the most amount of kitchen space, so make sure they add a ton of personality and drama. You can consider two-tone cabinets where you have complementary colors for walls and cabinets. If you are interested in a sophisticated look, opt for high-gloss cabinets. Their smoothness and shine will add a factor of classiness in the kitchen.


Kitchen Island

The centerpiece of most kitchens is the island. To add luxury to your kitchen, include an expansive central island bench. Use a feature natural stone or a thicker bench top to make a real statement. You can even have different heights to incorporate table height dining.

A large island can house appliances, more storage and serve multiple functions especially when seating is added.



 Think you have to stick to the regular, boring sink in the kitchen? Not anymore. The common farmhouse sinks are becoming history as unique sinks are making a loud statement. You can now select sinks that have intricate designs and are made from unexpected materials. Some sinks even boast beautiful ornate fixtures to add style to your kitchen remodel.  Covered kitchen sinks are also gaining popularity. You can slide and cover the sinks and add more prep and counter space instantly. They can make your kitchen look clean even if you have a sink full of dirty dishes because the covered sink conceals the dishes.



 The right kind of lighting can completely change the way your kitchen can look and feel. You can experiment with the brightness of the bulb or use an interesting lighting fixture to elevate the wow factor of the kitchen. Pieces like pendant lights add ample light to the space while creating a bold statement. The right lighting can tie the whole room together or stand out amazingly.


Touch of Green

 A bit of greenery will be like a breath of fresh air in the kitchen. Just place some potted plants on the floor or put some flowers on the countertops or the kitchen island. You can even have a small vertical herb garden in the kitchen. The greenery and pop of colors of the flowers will liven up the place.


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