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Spotlight: Episode 1

Welcome to Spotlight. I’m Tim Durkovic, president of the Durkovic Group and luxury real estate specialist with Douglas Elliman Real Estate. Each month, I will bring you quick insights and tips experts use to create a feeling of luxury in their environments.

Let’s turn the spotlight on Heather Lenkin and her award-winning gardens in Pasadena. Here’s Heather’s unique and valuable perspective on gardens and landscapes:

“The architect of the house is absolutely, imperatively important in designing the garden. When you’re thinking about creating a garden, plants can create privacy in the garden. When I go in to work on gardens, I’ll think of a color scheme or I’ll think of a scent. Color in the garden can be very distracting. It changes your color palette because you want to be working with structure in a way that evokes peoples’ memories.

I think one thing that you want to do when you’re looking from the outside in and inside out, is you want to be able to create and frame views. And if you’re taking every single small area, what is it that you could create that would be visually very beautiful for someone to enjoy?”