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Ready to buy a home? When buying a house, everyone has priorities. The buying process is complex and takes time. Understanding which features mean the most will help eliminate houses that won’t work for you and compare the homes that will. Here are some tips when shopping for your new home:

1. Remember the following three things are THE MOST IMPORTANT things to keep in mind – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!

2. After that – I suggest you make a list of your top three MUST haves and then a list of things you’d like to have.

3. It’s important to remember that typically the PERFECT home is not out there. My advice to buyers is always this – Buy what you cannot change and don’t lose sight of the fact that what you can change is fixable.

4. With my background in luxury home remodeling and restoration, I also encourage you to keep in mind that financially you will position yourself better if you are not paying for someone else’s remodel job. In my experience, if you are up for a little work on a home, the payoff in the end is always better AND you get to put your own stamp on your home.

5. If you are NOT up for doing any work, I always encourage my buyers to make sure that the major systems of the home are in good working condition – typically the things you DON’T see are the ones that can end up costing a lot of money!

6. Buying a home is sort of like dating – you kind of just know it’s right – trust your gut feeling – and you wouldn’t believe the number of times that I start with buyers looking for one “idea” of what they want, and they end up buying the opposite end of the spectrum because it just felt right!

If you have any questions on this topic or anything else real estate related, or if want any additional information please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me at 310-738-8098 or