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Is my home good enough for the stage?


So you’ve been entrusted a property because a family member has passed away. These homes, although beautiful and full of character, are often long past their glory days. Renovating a property to sell under these circumstances with tight deadlines is usually out of the question and staging a property in these types of conditions seems laughable.But is it? The short answer is no!

Rather than a complete renovation, it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint and well-designed staging can do to create the illusion of modernization. Staging done well is magical and can save thousands of dollars. Working with a top real estate agent who holds the key to a great staging company can greatly affect a seller’s bottom line profits and in virtually every case, no matter the condition of the property, is well worth the investment.

A top real estate agent will have access to the best staging companies and the best designers within those staging companies so when choosing a real estate agent, it is important to choose wisely when preparing a property to sell.