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When passion, hard work, creativity and savvy business practices blended in harmony, Tim Durkovic secured rapid success in highend Southern California real estate. Tim initially imagined that by earning his real estate license he and his partner could hold onto more of their profits from remodeling and selling their residences every couple of years across LA. “We would buy a house, fix it up, live in it for a little while and sell it for a profit,” says Tim, a concert pianist who at the time taught music at the college level. He and his partner, interior designer and celebrity photographer Mark Liddell, intended to keep improving and selling homes alongside their careers. But after Tim obtained his license and made more on his first personal sale than he was making in a year as a college professor, he quit teaching and entered real estate full time, earning rookie of the year right off the bat. Since 2014, he has ranked #1 in his office; currently he has close to $40 million in escrow […]

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