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Behind the Scenes: The Anatomy of a Good Virtual Home Tour

People looking at virtual home tour and floor plan on tablet.

Technology continues to change the real estate landscape by streamlining the processes for home buyers, home sellers and real estate agents. So much can be accomplished through through a few clicks of a button on a computer or a swipe on a smartphone or tablet screen. Every aspect of home selling and home searching can be enhanced through the use of today’s incredible real estate technology.

The New Normal

Technology was already evolving in our industry long before the pandemic, but 2020 forced even the most “old school” of agents and brokers to adapt to changing times. Though life is slowly but surely returning to normal again, many of these high-tech trends and resources are here to stay. Digital real estate tools are only going to keep getting more advanced and impactful.

Today, I want to talk about virtual home tours. What are they and how can they help both buyers and sellers?

Types of Virtual Home Tours

Virtual home tours take different forms these days. There are more traditional video walkthroughs and property featurettes, which can be professionally produced to make the home look as nice as possible. Then, there are interactive 3D virtual tours that virtually put you in the home as if you are walking around from room to room. They can be viewed on virtual reality headsets or simply on a computer/smartphone screen. Some real estate agents will even do live virtual “open houses” on social media.

We tend to favor nice videos for the luxury homes we represent, but The Durkovic Group has also been exploring more 3D virtual tour technology for certain property listings. When you combine expert home staging strategies with a professionally presented online tour, you are able to present the home in its best light. You are also able to give buyers a more comprehensive preview of the house that can’t quite be achieved through photography alone. Of course, the photos are also very important to do right. However, a well-done video or 3D tour accomplishes so much more through the use of movement and interactive qualities.

Get Your House Ready for Its Close-Up!

A home seller’s in today’s digital world needs to take the time to get the property prepared through home staging. Once it is ready for its close-up, then the seller will need professional pictures, a virtual tour/video and strategic online marketing through social media and other Internet tools.

When you lack this kind of professional presentation, it tends to make the buyer assume that there is something wrong with the property. They think “they’re not showing me everything” and that is cause for concern. If they don’t get a good feeling about the home, they are likely going to check it off their list and move onto the next listing.

Helping Buyers Preview More Properties

This technology helps today’s buyers significantly. Most people lead busy lives and it’s not easy to spend a whole day previewing properties. Sophisticated online search tools and these virtual tours allow them to see more of each house and narrow down their list before scheduling any in-person home tours.

Still No Substitute for the Real-Life Experience

As amazing as these videos and 3D virtual tours are, they can never fully replace being there in person. Nothing can compare with standing there and walking through each room yourself to get a proper sense of space and flow throughout the house. Virtual tours and professionally produced videos are also made to present the property in its best light. They mask any flaws or quirky features that you may only see when you look at the house in person. It is never a good idea to buy a home based solely on the digital marketing. Do your best to get there and see it with your own eyes before making an offer!

Listing video featurettes and 3D virtual tours are changing the way real estate is done in the 21st Century. When done right, they can help sellers get more value out of their properties while also helping to streamline the process for home buyers.

To learn more about our home staging, production and marketing approach at The Durkovic Group, contact us today for a no-obligation listing consultation.